Personal Message from the President of Able.Com

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am proud to be in the business of protecting people, businesses and properties !  I would welcome the opportunity to provide our security services to you and your organization.

Our Security Team:
Whether it involves your personal protection or the protection of your business and property our security team stands ready to provide you with the type of security image and protection you need.  

Our uniformed and undercover personnel can help you provide your employees, management staff and clients with a safe place to work and conduct business.

Complex and Dangerous World:
Times have changed, we now live in a very complex and dangerous world.  Our security personnel will have the training, supervision and ability to protect the people and things most important to you from those individuals who if given a chance would hurt your family, business and employees.

I can not promise you the moon and stars but I will give you my personal guarantee that any promise I make will be made on a foundation of truth and will be fulfilled.

Gene Thompson, President

Contact me at:

(818) 558-3661

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